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red eye 2 : the quarry and the marauder
amyconner1985 wrote in fanverse
 Chapter 21: Chapter 21
Red eye 2: the quarry and the marauder

The pursuit

I knew the broomstick wasn't going to be effective in the least but I carried it with me anyway. It was perhaps sheer out of habit.

As I edged slowly towards the staircase I took a moment to glance at him. I could only see his back. But his shoulders were all crouched up, ready to pounce.

His body was a mixture of aggressive attack and a passive defense.

Suddenly I realized he had positioned himself a certain way. I was completely hidden from any vantage point.

He was a lean man. But somehow he had managed to get into a position where he could cover me.

He did it without my knowing.

I was astonished and again a little disturbed.

He really did care.

We stopped for a few seconds at the door closet to us, waited, and then made another move.

The staircase was only 5 feet away now.

We slowly made our way towards it.

Thankfully no one crept up on us.

The first flight of stairs looked deserted.

"So they are down below" I mused

"hmmmmm" came his inaudible whisper. "So what next?"

"We go down. Stay close to me" his voice warned me.

Then slowly he began to descend His hands stretched backwards.

I took them and followed him down.

My heart was racing.

The second flight of stairs was just as abandoned.

But as we came to the last step we heard a soft noice.

It was slowly coming towards us.


"Hide" Jackson growled and drew out his gun as I jumped behind a wall.

To be continued


Chapter 22: Chapter 22
Red eye 2 : the quarry and the marauder

John doe gone down

I drew out my gun and waited. I could almost count his steps. He was barely 2 feet away from me when I jumped. I think it was the element of surprise which did it. He didn't even yell when I shot him right between his eyes.

He fell noiselessly.

He was a big burly man of about 6'3.

His holster held two guns.

I was relieved not to have killed an innocent bystander which was a fat chance under these circumstances.

Something in me had changed.

I heard Lisa coming out from behind the wall.

"You killed him" her voice was surprisingly calm,


I could have rationalized it by saying he would have killed us if I didn't.

But the truth was I was habituated with swift executions. Old habits died hard.

Lisa was more than aware of it.

I dragged his body away from the corridor and hid it behind the wall.

I was afraid more of his cronies sneaking up on us.

The corridors looked deserted enough. But one was enough to put up our guard.

Lisa in the meantime had bagged the dead man's gun I was happy to notice.

She too wouldn't think twice before pulling the gun.

"Tell the cops that one is down. Hmmm and exclude the part where I killed him" I joked.

Lisa picked up the phone and dialed 911.

"hello 911 how may I help you"

"I called a few moments away about a hostage situation"

"Yes mam. The swat team is on their way. You said you were safe?"

"We were. We have headed down the floor below. It's pretty deserted. But we found one of them we have taken him down"

She didn't tell the operative he was dead.

"mam you should have stayed where you were"

"We had to find out their exact positions."

"That's true mam but please don't jeopardize the lives of others by playing the bat-man. The pro swat team is on their way. And they have brought their own negotiator as well."

"I understand"

She hung up.

"Gee" I grinned.

"Don't laugh Jackson it's not funny"

"Of course not… shall we?" I edged towards the staircase lisa on the toes.

"Lisa things will get nastier. There are going to be more of them downstairs." I continued.

"I know"

I smirked.

To be continued

Ps the story is coming to a close so please review it. I am gonna miss jack and lisa

Chapter 23: Chapter 23
Red eye 2 : the quarry and the marauder


He smirked. He bloody smirked making my blood boil. I wanted to hit him real hard but I knew that wouldn't be a good idea.

So I kept quiet. I instead answered him with a cold stare, quite like his own.

He looked amused.

We slowly made our way down the first flight of stairs without incident.

It was beginning to get on my nerves.

The floor was unusually quiet.

Something wasn't right.

Of course something wasn't right I reminded myself, we are prisoners remember?

But the silence didn't make sense.

Something was definitely off.

I couldn't see jack's eyes. It might have given me a forewarning.

Maybe not.

He was such a chameleon.

But I could sense a slight change in his demeanor. His posture was that of an apprehensive predator.

He wasn't sure where his quarry was.

He turned towards me as we came to the last step and said

"Lisa you should have stayed in the bathroom while you still had the chance"

I didn't get time to react or answer.

I heard the footsteps first but before I had time to react

Two men suddenly emerged from behind the shadows with guns in their hands.

Jack was standing directly in front of them; I stood behind him, hidden.

The men hadn't seen him at first.

Suddenly they did and shoved the guns in jacks direction

" whose there"

jack didn't get the time to shoot this time. He had recognized the make of the gun. So he did what anyone in his position would do. He held his hands up and stammered

" please don't kill me" all the while keeping me hidden.

He moved a step backwards poking me a little.

The motion didn't go unnoticed by the assailants.

"Don't move who are you? What are you doing up here?"

"I was in the top floor. I got locked. Please don't shoot me" jack continued to plead.

"Come forward and keep your hands up so that I could see them" one of them ordered.

"Don't try anything funny" the other added.

Jack slowly made his way towards the men.

I in the mean time retreated back in the shadows.

I couldn't see them anymore.

I heard a sudden yelp which sounded suspiciously like Jackson's and I was tempted to peep. But for the first time in my life I saw or rather understood what he was doing.

He was trying to give himself up so that he could be with the other hostages.

He had left me with a gun and magazines knowing I would figure out what to do with they use them when the time came.

I wasn't sure I knew what to do or whether I was even worthy of jacks's trust.

He was putting his life on the line. There was no margin for error.

I heard another yelp. I could only imagine what they were doing to him.

And what I imagined wasn't pretty.

I sincerely hoped I was overtly imaginative.

To be continued

Ps you can all see the story is coming to a close. Thanks for all the positive feed backs. ! keep reviewing please!

I hope I haven't put off anyone.

Chapter 24: Chapter 24
Red eye 2 : the quarry and the marauder

The dark knight in distress

I can't begin to tell you how it felt when one of the bastards shoved the butt of the gun in my stomach, knocking the wind out of me.

An involuntary grasped left me mouth as I felt on my knees.

Another thought it was a good idea to poke some more and hit me again. I fell this time, took a feral position writhing in pain.

He had the audacity to laugh.

laugh !

"get up you pansy boy. Let me see your pretty face" he smirked and kicked me again with his shoe.

I didn't give the pleasure of knowing how badly he had hurt me. I kept quiet chattering my teeth inwardly.

It seemed to anger him. He knelt down and grabbed my hair and pulled me up by the roots.

I gave a silent gasp as he continued to pull my hair even while I was standing.

He seemed to be satisfied somehow and grinned.

He had no idea what I would have done to him if we had met under different circumstances.

I got lost in some gruesome details of torture and mutilations.

Ahhh those were the days .

I was at my best.

And somehow these jokers thought hitting me in the stomach was a good idea.

It would be better if they got caught by the police I thought.

At least they would be alive.

The thought gave me a certain pleasure because I heard one of them saying

"what the hell are you smiling about? Are you crazy?"

"Lets see how much" the other one said before smacking me across my face, still holding me by my hair.

It was getting beyond irritating.

I was tempted to bite his hand to get kick out off seeing their surprise before I killed them with my bear hands but checked myself.

Instead I glared at him with my icy eyes which seemed to do the trick.

The man got a bit unnerved and turned towards his partner in crime.

"Lets take him to the floor below. This guy looks a loony to me"

"ok just check whether he has something on him"

"Like what? A gun? I don't think so" he laughed at his double meaning joke.

He started to pat me down, unnecessarily taking more time.

He came to my pockets and looked menacingly at me.

"Don't even think about it" I growled.

"Scared pretty boy? Wonder how long you would have survived in a prison cell. They would have eaten you alive." he laughed spitefully before continuing him with his search.

I had the greatest desire to kick him in his ass and just "him" exactly what I would have done to him but maybe later.

A few seconds later he was done. He looked at his partner and said gleefully

"as I said no gun"

He turned towards me , licking his lips in the most obvious manner.

"Ok enough with your fantasies. Lets go" the other goon reprimanded him.

"ok boss" he grabbed by lapel , pulled me up and brought me close to his face

"We aint done yet pretty boy."

Then grabbed my hair and started pulling me towards the exit.

I hope Lisa understood what her cue was.

To be continued

ps any guesses? :P :P :P

Chapter 25: Chapter 25
Red eye 2 : the quarry and the marauder

Coming to a close part 1

I saw them assaulting jack. And I saw the greedy look in that man's face. It made me uneasy.

I wasn't scared for jack. He could take care of himself. I just wondered what he would do to "them" if he ever saw them again.

I shuddered at the thought.

When I saw them pulling him away towards the exit I knew it was my cue.

I took a minute to make sure they had taken the stairs and followed then. I took my sandals off before doing so. I didn't want them to hear "my" footsteps.

They weren't far off. I could still hear them. They were just a floor below.

I drew out my gun this time and took my position.

I caught them dragging jack by the lapel into the big conference room and shutting the door behind them.

So this was where they were keeping the hostages.

Why? Aint they making themselves vulnerable by keeping their leverage safe here while some of them were downstairs holding the fort? I thought.

That's when it hit me.

The real bosses were downstairs. They intend on pretending to be hostages when the swat team blast through the door.

These men upstairs were expendable.

I looked abaut myself and made a decision.

I took out the phone and dialed.

"911 how may I help you"

"they are upstairs"

"excuse me"

"the hostages are upstairs. There are some goons downstairs pretending to be hostages"

"where are you"

"I am Outside the conference room. They are keeping the prisoners. And I am going in"

"no don't do that"

"I have given you their exact location. Its time you do your job. Now am going after my man" I hung up.

Suddenly I realized I had just referred to jack as my man. In spite of the situation I felt a hot flush reddening my face.

Someone grinned in my head.

"shit up"

"Here goes nothing" I said to myself as I tip toed towards the door gun in hand.

To be continued

p.s I know curiosity is killing you guys.. thanks… :D :D :D

there aren't many chapters left am afraid

Chapter 26: Chapter 26
Red eye 2 : the quarry and the marauder

Coming to a close part 2

I could never forget that sight. It still cracks me up. But at that point I was scared to death.

I was hurled into the conference room. It was a big room and pretty dark. There were about 50 people lined up against the wall, all sitting quietly, looking like death.

They forced me to sit down far away from them probably thinking they would make an example out of me.

I had barely sat down when the down opened with a huge bang and Lisa marched in, gun in her hand.

The two goons looked too surprised to react. There was a third one who tried to move but I swiftly kicked him and he fell falt on his face.

Someone screamed.

"don't move" I heard lisa say.

Good job liz ! 3 3 3

I quickly got up to my feet and kicked the gun away from the fallen man's reach and knocked him unconscious.

The two men looked stupefied.

Stupid sons of bitches


The city was in serious need of a better class of criminals: P: P: P

I slowly moved towards lisa . Gave her an appreciative look then turned towards them.

"what were you saying about guns? You see I have two. Would you like to see them" I asked them politely.

They didn't answer.

This time I hit him hard.

Blod began to roll down hs lips

"pansy boy huh?"I added giving him another taste of his own medicine.

I was about to give him one more when I heard a fire shot.

This time it was different. I heard the familiar warming given by the swat team like millions times before followed by the Miranda rights.

I then heard footsteps coming upstairs.

I looked at the goons unhappily then moved closer to Lisa.

The ordeal was over.

With it perhaps what we had.

To be continued

Ps thanks to everyone who stuck with the story till the very end.

Chapter 27: Chapter 27
Red eye 2: the quarry and the marauder

When fear takes flight

I looked at him clearly this time and saw the sadness.

The mad desire to kill me was long gone being replaced by a certain tenderness and longing.

But it made him a different man.

Was it the same Jackson rippner I felt attracted to on the red eye?

Or been obsessing about for the past two years?

Was I ready to let him go as yet.

I didn't.

I moved an inch closer to him while the cops took statements and whispered

"We aren't quite done yet pansy boy" and smiled

to be continued

Chapter 28: Chapter 28
Red eye 2 : the quarry and the marauder


"The passengers are requested to buckle their seatbelts. We would be taking off in 2 mins. Have a pleasant and safe flight. See you all in Miami" the captain's voice loomed via the black box as everyone at once started to buckle their seat belts.

I looked at my passenger sitting beside me. She had insisted on an aisle seat this time.

I leaned close to her face and said

"still scared lisa" smirking a little.

I couldn't help myself.

She looked at me sarcastically and replied truthfully

"ya.. I hate flying. Every time it takes one I feel I am going to fall" she looked pitifully cute.

"Don't be" I whispered and held her hands.

A few moments and many many many convincing later she opened her eyes.

The plane had taken off.

The stewardess came towards us with a tray in her hands


"sea breeze?" I asked , my eye brows arched up playfully

"bloody Mary would be fine" Lisa replied crisply.

" excuse me " I said getting up.

Then leaned forward and whispered inaudibly to lisa

"I am going to the bathroom. You are free to join me. Or is it off the table?"

lisa took a moment to reply

"With us jack" she drawled " its never going to be off the table"

She added , following me quietly behind.

The end

Ps thanks everyone for sticking with lisa and jack. I don't own them. But this is how I wanted them to be. Hoped you enjoyed reading the story as much as I loved writing it. Thanks everyone who reviewed it.


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