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the mirror has two sides : the sequel to red eye 2
amyconner1985 wrote in fanverse
 Chapter 1: Chapter 1
The mirror has two sides


It wasn't till late midnight when Bruce first noticed the bat signal. Something was definitely up. And he was so tired he almost missed it. He put on his Kevlar pretty quickly and got into his tumbler. A few moments later he found himself facing a very agitated Gordon, looking very pissed at the bat.

"Where the hell have you been ?" he barked.

Batman was surprised. He had never seen him so angry before.

"what's wrong" he asked in his gruff tone.


"crane?" the bat-man drawled

"what about him. I think I got him back to arkham safely a few months back"

"he has escaped."

"I will bring him back"

"wont be that easy this time"


"He is in a much more volatile state right now. I assume whatever chances he had at recovering been lost when he escaped last time and produced more toxins for trafficking purpose. He doesn't look like it. But he is crazier. And the second reason he has stolen some chemicals when he escaped. God only knows what he intends to do with them"

"he has always been a sociaopath." Batman agreed.

"Add narcissism and madness and we have a winner now"

"I will do what I can Gordon. I will find him. I will put him back where he belongs" batman's voice turned harsher as he suddenly remembered the good doctor had once poisoned him and Rachel and set him fire, and poisoned half the people of Gotham. He never got over that.

"I will find him" he swore silently as he started his nocturnal prowl, Up and down the rooftops.

To be continued

ps this is just the beginning. !

Chapter 2: Chapter 2
The mirror has two sides

Bon voyage

"liz wake up" I cuddled up to my newly wed wife, my face in her hair.

"hmmmm"she moaned

"Wake up lizzzzzz"my lips were now dangerously close to the nape of her neck.

Recently I had gotten into the habit of biting her there. Lisa hated it. Those made me crave for it even more.

"What is it jack" she mouthed the words sleepily.

"we have a plane to catch in a few hors remember?"

"ya I know But its hours away"

"Actually we are scheduled to leave in 3 hrs"

"what"she exclaimed. Jumping up, eyes wide open.

"What's the time now?"

"close to 10" I grinned .

" damn you rippner. Why didn't you wake me up earlier? She accused getting off the bed

"we have packing to do. God we are gonna miss the flight."

I rolled back on my back and looked greedily at her staring at her long legs.


"Stop staring. Get you up jack. Start packing." She almost bit my head off .

I continued grinning.

"liz I had packed days ago"

"you what?" her voice had a hint of genuine surprise.

"you thought I was going to leave that for the last minute? Don't you know me at all?" "I have even packed your things" I added Almost as an after thought.

" and how did you know what I wanted"

"I knew" I said smirking at a little.

She scowled at me and padded towards the bathroom.

"Fine "she said without turning

"If you got anything wrong you will have to buy them. So that means more shopping. Good"

This time I heard her chuckle as the door closed behind her.

An hour and half later we were both ready and set for the air looked adorably cute in her denims and red shirt. It took us 30 mins to the flight was due in an hour. We straddled on the couch which the airport lounge provided and waited for the plane.

"lisa tell me something"


"why did you pick up gotham city for our honeymoon? We could have gone anywhere. Why gotham?"

"I wanted to meet the bat-man"she split the word into two.

I winced a little.


"It had this old world charm. And besides we would be stopping there for a few days. We will take road trip from there. I thought it would be a good adventure."

She looked at me hopefully.

I smiled and nodded as if convinced.

But something in me gave me a feeling of misgiving.

I wasn't sure but I could see something going very wrong in the near future.

I just hoped I was wrong.

To be continued

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3
The mirror has two sides

When in Gotham!

I was a little concerned about jack. He did try to look convinced of my plans but something deep inside was bothering him. And I had no idea why. As far as I knew he never had been there. So there weren't any chances of his running into any of his former cronies or foes. So what was it that made him look so cold and distant? His countenance remained impassive all the while we were on the plane. He hardly talked though he did take my hands his hands paws when we took off which was actually pretty thing about Jackson was it was difficult to actually get him or read was different with me. I could feel when he got overwhelmed and stuff. But there were days even I couldn't reach him. This was one of them.

The plane touched the ground exactly on time which unsurprisingly seemed to improve his mood. For a guy obsessed with order it was like a carnival.

We had booked ourselves the biggest suite in the Wayne hotel and it didn't come course jack had saved up enough while he was in "business" and as a civilian I should abhor that blood money.

But that was hypocritical wasn't it? When I chose to be with the man who was a former assassin and who had once tried to kill me and had stalked me for two years then that sort of made me his partner for life and told a lot about the choices I of course left the business once we got together. With his brains it wasn't difficult to go underground for a while and then emerge again with another identity and for the time being we were ready to enjoy every moments of our lives together.

This was our honeymoon. And this should be better than the Wayne hotel didn't disappoint. the lavish lounge looked both comfortable yet elitist with an old world guests ranged from elderly couples wearing their best suits, to corporate type poker faced girl as the front desk looked up as we walked in.

A pretty girl.

A Brunette.

"How may I help you?"

"We have reservation under the name rippner" jack drawled.

"let me check. Honey suite 1000 tenth floor" she said , looking up and handing over a plastic card.

" someone will take you luggage" she added.

"thank you" jack replied sweetly. I didn't know him I would think he was flirting and I would have been jeolous.

I wasn't.


Maybe let a little. :D :D :D

But jack was so incredibly gorgeous it was quite understandable wasn't it?We got in the elevator with jack smiling at a little at my side. I bet he sensed my little jealousy and was enjoying every bit of it.A few moments later the door opened unexpectedly into a huge drawing room.

The suite had a private was probably the costliest suite of the hotel and jack's big honeymoon surprise. Knowing him I knew there would be more. And I couldn't wait to see them all.

To be continued

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4
The mirror has two sides

The crowned prince of gotham

I got the exact reaction I hoped I would get from liz. She gave a loud exclamation clearly happy and hugged me.

"jack you pig. Why didn't you tell me ?"

"and ruin the fun ?"

"this is great . no beyond great… this suite is omg… I don't wanna leave this place again" she pouted taking it all in.

"oh good… I can find a million reasons to stay in too" I said mischievously reaching for her neck.

She promptly turned around and gave me a smack on my face.

"Ouch Man it hurt "I said rubbing my cheek unnecessarily.

"Good" she said grinning a little. Then she got up on her toes , tilted her face towards me.

I didn't need any other signal.I quickly grabbed her face and hungrily bit her lips, tasting every bit of her, imagining a lot barely lasted 2 mins when I heard the bell rang.

Stupid room service.

I padded across the room to see what the stupid idiot wanted, grumbling to myself as I went.I opened the door angrily only to find myself staring at a smiling Asian steward probably Korean.

" good day sir"

"good day..did you need anything.. we are hmmm on our honeymoon and sort of busy right now" I blurted out.

"Thousand apologies sir" he answered not sounding sorry in the least. He perhaps found the idea of disturbing a newly wed very amusing.

"I came here to inform you that Mr. Bruce Wayne The owner of the hotel is throwing a huge banquet party for his guests this evening 6 clocks. You and mam are invited too"

"It's a black tie affair" he added A bit snootily in my opinion.

"Ok thanks for letting us know" I slammed the door his face.

Damn insolent fool…..

"What was that all about?" lisa asked from someplace I couldn't see.

" bruce wayne's party this evening…apparently its black tie and everyone is invited" I said grudgingly.

" please tell me we are going" she cooed.

"you wanna go? Why? You don't even know him !"

"ya but maybe something will happen at his party and the batman will turn up… I will get to see him. I really don't like the idea of prowling the streets in the night"

"You are obsessed with that fucking freak"

" so we are going?"

I didn't reply.

At 6 o clock she came in through the sliding door clad in the elegant D&G evening gown she bought last season, looking like a superstar. I could only stand there and came forward, her slim hips swinging to the tunes playing on the she reached out touched by bow tie and pretended to shake off some imaginary dust off my tux.

It took me more than my usual self control not to lean in and kiss would not have liked the fact I ruined her precious make up just to get a few seconds of forbidden pleasure. Instead I gave her my arm

"shall we"

she took it,leaned against my shoulders and suddenly whispered

"I know blonde suits you Jackson. But I liked you better as a brunette."

Dying my hair was necessary.

It was about 6.15 when we got to the big banquet hall, after losing our way a couple of times.

It seemed the entire Gotham city had turned up That kind of made me feel like a fool. We didn't know anyone. And here we were almost gate crushing into a rich guy's party.

"orderves sir? Mam " a waiter asked

"no thank you" we said in unison.

I was so uncomfortable I almost wished we were back in out suite watching the rerun of desperate housewives or something just as silly. I was about to tell her when someone caught my eye. He was a big burly man About 6.3 at least, weighing 250lbs or so , looking at us like he was in some kind of trance. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. I think I actually saw him blinking a few times like he couldn't believe his own eyes. Then he did something incredible. He started to make his way towards us. I had never seen this man before in my was a few feet away when his expression began to relax or seemed to relax. I knew that trick well.

"hello" he said "welcome to my party"

"you must be bruce wayne" lisa said jubilantly from my side

"So I am. What is your name?"

"I am sorry. I am lisa reisert rippner. This is my husband Jackson"

"pleased to meet you lisa. And jack" he stopped when he spoke my name

"Are you staying at my hotel? Cause I haven't seen you in Gotham"

"Yes we are staying at your hotel. We are actually passing through, we are on vacation"

Something told me she didn't want him to know we were on our honeymoon.

"okay. Enjoy the vacation" he said and gave me a quizzical look before turning away.

Something in his look, his demeanor filled me with a cold dread, like the feeling of impending doom.

He was a mere billionaire playboy. What was it about him that put me off?

I couldn't rationalize it. But it was there.

And I didn't like it one bit.

To be continued

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5
The mirror has two sides

the gotham chronicles

I wasn't why but something about the man didn't add up. Bruce Wayne , the prince of gotham , the billionaire playboy.

Why on earth would he look at my husband with such a haunted look in his eyes?

Its of course was quite possible jack did something terrible to him in his half remembered past. But I believed Jackson when he said he hadn't seen the man before.

There was a little possibility that he mistook him for someone else entirely. But that thought was disturbing as well.

As the time wore on my unease continued to sore. Jack wasn't too comfortable around these people either. So we thought it was a good idea to say goodbye and leave.

We had to find out host first though.

It was an uphill task.

The party was so damn crowded.

We were wondering aimlessly when we overheard a conversation.

Bit and pieces actually.

"Crane is out on the streets again"

"He is crazy"

"This time it will be worse"


This was the first time I heard the name crane.

From the looks these men were giving each other it was safe to assume he was some sort of psycho.

What was a scarecrow?

I meant to ask them. Considering it impolite to intrude I checked myself.

I would enough time to find out more about the Gotham chronicles.

I saw the host soon enough and we said our goodbyes.

He kept looking at Jackson in an odd way.

"What the hell that was about?" I asked Jackson the moment we were alone in our room.

To be continued

Chapter 6: Chapter 6
The mirror has two sides

The scarecrow, the doppelganger and the bat

"What the hell that was about?" she asked, her voice frighteningly cold.


"What did you do this time? Why did Bruce Wayne look so pissed to see you?"

"I don't know Liz. I never even saw the guy. I swear."

"Then why did he look like he had seen a ghost? And I am pretty sure some of the other guests looked just as surprised"

"Now liz don't be dramatic"

"ok fine but some of them were looking at you oddly"

"I bet they were wondering who this jackass was and who the supermodel on his arms is" I joked.

"It's not funny Jackson. If you are up to something tell me now"

"Lisa I am not up to anything. Bruce Wayne is crazy"

"How do you know that?"

"I see similar madness in the mirror everyday" I answered quietly.

That shut her up.

"Speaking of which, I will now be in the bathroom re dying my hair back to brown."

"Why? I thought you liked being a blonde bimbo"

"I donno. I have this sudden craving for brunette again"

I picked the hair dye off the table and went straight into the bathroom closing the door behind me.

I think I heard her going through the connecting door into the spare bedroom to change.

I was washing off the color when I heard a faint noise. Call me my paranoia or persecution mania, it filled me with terror.

"he is here"

A small but very familiar voice sang in my head.

I knew that voice but couldn't place it. Trust me it wasn't my head speaking.


"The bat-man"

So I knew what made that noise. I didn't know how but I did.

I didn't get the chance to react or move.

Everything happened in a fast motion.

The last thing I remember was a giant bat grabbing my neck and hitting me with something.

Everything went dark after that.

I didn't know how long I had been unconscious. When I opened my eyes for the first few seconds I couldn't see anything but darkness. Slowly my eyes began to adjust it.

I was in a tiny room, rather a tiny cell with padded walls. I was lying on a bed. That was the only furniture in that room.

I tried to get up but something pulled me down. Something rubbery was holding me.

Restraints. !

I looked at my feet and tried to move them.

They were shackled as well.

I thrashed about in the bed to get free but the restraints were too tight. Whoever was holding me was a processional.

My neck hurt. I could feel a throbbing pain up and down my body.

I tried to analyze the situation.

The bat-man had kidnapped me and incarcerated for some reason I couldn't fathom.

He was an unknown enemy. And my experience always warned me against nameless foes.

The situation I found myself in was uncomfortable to say the least.

For the time being I had no other option but to lie here, waiting until someone gave me an answer.




I must have drifted off because suddenly a loud sound woke me up. The room was filled with artificial lights and I could now see 3 men in white clothes and one wearing a white apron, evidently a doctor.

"how do you feel"

"who are you?" I almost snarled.

"you don't recognize me"his voice held an air of utter surprise.

"no should I ? I never seen you before. Who the fuck are you and why are you keeping me here in restraints?" my voice was hysterical now.

"It's getting worse" one of the others commented

"Who are you" I yelled this time my eyes blazing.

"Calm down Dr CRANE" the doctor said quietly.




"Who the hell is doctor crane" this time I was surprised.

"This whole Dr Crane isn't here right now routine is getting pretty boring scarecrow"

"What is scarecrow" I was desperate now.

These moronic fools were trying to pin something on me trying some new experiments I bet.

I struggled.

"if you don't calm down DR CRANE we will have to sedate you."

"who is Dr crane. Leave me alone. Let me go. Who are you" I was shouting at the top of my voice when I found myself being held down by 3 giant men.

I felt a noodle in my arms, and then everything went blank once again.

To be continued

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Chapter 7: Chapter 7
chapter 7

Missing link

It was a while before I realized jack was taking way too long to dye his hair.

It shouldn't have bothered me but something in me did. I can't quite explain.

"jack" I called from the spare room.

No reply.

Maybe he didn't hear me I thought.

"jack"I yelled a bit louder.


This was starting to get me now.

I got off the bed and padded into the main suite.

Noone was there.

Maybe he is still in the bathroom.

But I knew he wasn't.

I moved slowly towards the bathroom door, turned the knob and yanked it open.

It was empty.

"Jack" I heard myself scream hysterically before blacking out.

I don't know how long I had been unconscious. But when I woke up I found myself on the floor.

Jack evidently hadn't returned.

Something dreadful must have happened to him.

Was his karma got him this time?

I shrugged off these thoughts.

If he was in trouble I was the only one who could help him Just the last time at the bank.

We needed each other, at the best and worst of times.

I quickly put on my clothes and a warm jacket knowing I had a long night ahead of me.

I checked the drawers before leaving.


A .45 was lying there.

I took it and shoved it in my jacket, feeling a bit safer than before.

The elevator was thankfully empty.

It took me approximately 3 mins to reach the front desk.

The brunette was still there.

" may I help you" she asked me softly.

"have you seen my husband?' I asked knowing she didn't .

"I am sorry mam. "she looked quizzically at me.

"Oh that's ok. He must have gone out for a walk" I gave her a reassuring smile.

I couldn't afford to raise suspicions.

"are you going out too" she asked.

"ya .i think I will take a walk too … "

" mam I think you should go back. Gotham isn't safe in the night time"

"that's ok. I am not planning on wondering about. Just a walk"

she still looked doubtful .

I took the first turn once I made my exist through the front door.

I don't know why, something told me I should make a right turn.

I wondered aimlessly for a while.

The night was dark , full of menace.

It looked threatening.

Every door seemed to be locked. I couldn't see any soul on the streets.

From what I had heard noone in their right minds lurked outside in the night.

Suddenly I realized where I was.

I was in the narrows.

It was the most dreaded street in the city.

The only light I could see came from a brooding dark building known as the arkham asylum.

A nut house supposedly once run by a nut job DR JONATHAN CRANE I suddenly remembered.

That's why it felt vaguely familiar.

The night was getting on my nerves.

And the fact I was so close to asylum all by myself didn't help.

I don't know whether it was my imagination but I think I heard a blood curdling scream from one of the cells.

It sounded like jack's.

I shivered involuntarily.

Your mind is playing tricks on you I told myself.

I had to get away from here.

I swiftly turned and started to make a left turn when I saw a figure lingering behind a tree.

A figure that was vaguely familiar.

A lean figure.



Almost undernourished.

Where had I seen him before?

I saw it making a soft move.

Suddenly the lights from the asylum's radar fell on his eyes.

Two baby blues glowed like sapphires.

Then his face came into focus.


" jack" I screamed as I run towards him.

He looked startled , moved backwards, stumbled and fell.

I was onto him in a moment.

"jack…what? Why are you here? What happened? What are you doing in the narrows?" questions seemed to pour out of my mouth like a cascade.

It took me a while to realize he still hadn't touched me.

He was looking at me with a weird expression on his face.

Confusion ? fear ? glee ?

What was it ?

It was changing so fast.

He was almost unrecognizable.

If it weren't for his face I would say he was someone else entirely.

But who would miss his baby blue eyes and his wolfish leer which was both angelic and disturbing at the same time?

Not his wife certainly.

But something was amiss.

I looked carefully.

He was wearing some sort of business suit.

It was dirty and looked shaggy.

When and why did he pack something like this?

Then it hit me.

He must have taken another job of some sort which required disguise.

He had promised me he wouldn't.

I was about to ask him when I noticed something else.


He was wearing glasses, broken ones at that.

My god jack.

He was still looking at me oddly. He hadn't spoken a word. But he was looking at me like I was some sort of guinea pig or experiment.

It both disturbed and angered me.

I grabbed his collar angrily and made him stand up.

"You have a lot of explaining to do Jackson rippner"

Call me my hallucination but I distinctly saw him grin.

Somewhere something chucked which was barely human.

To be continued

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Chapter 8: Chapter 8
Chapter 8


I don't know but one of the two things must be happening I thought.

Either I was going mad which was a possibility or the whole world had which in my opinion was the correct explanation.

I tried to trace my mind back to the moment when the giant bat had grabbed me but failed.

A giant bat? Really ?

And why was I in some asylum?

Why was I in restraints?

And more importantly why the fuck were the morons calling me Dr Crane?

My heart filled up with rage and venom for crane as I sat uncomfortably trying to get the straitjacket off me.

Not only they had me in one they had also tied me up to the padded cells so that I wouldn't hurt myself.

Who did they think I was ?

Some maniac?

Oh well !

In spite of myself I grinned.

But they didn't know that.

They kept calling me crane.

Who was crane?

How could someone mistake me for crane?

Why did the bat abduct me?

What was crane or I for that mater to him?

With every single question I asked myself I got even more baffled. And it made me angry.

This time I gave a blood curdling yell in frustration which in retrospect was a bad idea.

Sooner I had screamed, the orderlies and the idiotic doctor came rushing in, looking demented.

"Did you scream DR Crane?" the doctor asked.

Oh god. Crane again.

I gritted my teeth and smiled

"no doctor Dr crane couldn't have screamed cause he is not here"

" so am I talking to scarecrow ? "

I lost it this time.

"doctor if you are so bent on addressing me please use my real name Jackson"

The doctor looked as if he had seen a ghost.

"Jackson? Maybe we should talk about Jackson "he mumbled uncomfortably.

I just glared.

"Doctor humor me. Please tell me who is this Dr Crane?" I coxed him.

He sighed.

He looked at me like I was some small child who was being difficult.

"DR Jonathan crane, psychiatrist, former director of arkham asylum, criminally insane, scarecrow, and an escapee convict. He tired to destroy the city by spraying his fear toxin on everyone. " he droned on

Then added "you"

I almost laughed.

What kind of name was scarecrow?

What the hell was a scarecrow? What a nice long rap sheet. Man ! dude had been busy.

Wait a minute. Did he just say me?

"I am not DR Crane as you can quite see doc. I am not a scarecrow. So will you let me go? "

He looked at me almost sympathetically.

" DR CRANE you may think you aren't doctor crane or the scarecrow. You may have created a new persona for yourself but you still are insane. We cant let you go"

"I am not insane. I am not crane. Ok ok . please please let me talk to my wife. We have a suite at the Wayne hotel. Ask for lisa rippner. My wife. Talk to her. She will sort everything out." I said with as much calm I could muster, a calm I didn't feel.

" we don't need to talk to anyone doctor crane . we have known you for years. What a brilliant mind you had. Look what your psychosis has gotten yourself into?"

He patronized before turning his back and leaving me alone in that padded hell.

An orderly gave me a nasty smirk before sedating me with something.

Everything went dark after that.

To be continued.


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