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the mirror has two sides : the sequel to red eye 2
amyconner1985 wrote in fanverse
 Chapter 9: Chapter 9
Chapter 9

What lies underneath

He just kept looking at me, highly amused.

It unnerved me.

Over the years I had subdued my desire to slap him whenever I saw that expression on his face but I don't know what happened ….

Perhaps it was the city itself, all the madness engulfing it. … The stress of not him in the room …

I snapped.

I gave him a tight backhand with so much force that his lower lips split and blood started to pour down.

Only a maniac could do something that I did after that.

I went on and gave him another, then another ….

I wasn't quite finished when I found myself breaking down and crying my eyes out.

I grabbed at his collars once again who was standing as nonchalantly as before and growled

"Don't ever frighten me like that Jackson."

I buried my face unto his very foreign assemble of clothes which felt weird against my skin.

Oh well !

The interrogation can wait.

I moved an inch closer to him and wrapped myself around his lean frame and felt his hands around mine.

It felt oddly cold.

I jerked back in terror.

Something was off. Something wasn't right.

I looked at him closely. His eyes glittered like sapphires as usual but I could see something else in them a manic expression.

I shivered.

He looked distinctly different like he was barely human.

But deep inside I knew it was a man I had known for years.

I shouldn't feel afraid.

But I did.

Why? I couldn't answer.

Then he spoke in a deep quiet voice, a voice I had known, hated, loathed, then fell in love with.

"Would you like to go home now? I would love to stand here and chat but the night is closing in and god knows what it has in store for us."

He shivered at his last sentence.

In the years I had known jack I had never seen him shiver at the thought of night and nocturnal creatures.

"yes lets go. The place is giving me the creeps" I looked back at arkham asylum one last time before Turing my head and leaving.

It felt like leaving a part of me behind.

The night and the narrows closed in on us as we walked away from the madness and the dread towards a safer aboard.

Chapter 10: Chapter 10
Chapter 10

Here there nowhere

I was convinced of one thing by now. I wasn't getting out this hell hole anytime soon. It was the same drill. I would wake up and scream my ass off. The orderlies would waltz in, and sedate me once again, calling me DR Crane while they were at it.

God knows how long I had been here.

I had lost the count of days or hours.

Something somewhere had gone wildly wrong.

There wasn't any reason why I should be here. But I couldn't find a single link from my former life who would have done anything like this.

That meant either I was really going crazy or they really thought I was some loony called DR Crane who also went around with the nickname scarecrow….. !

Talk about lunatics in a loony bin.

So I ass lay there wearing a straitjacket staring at the ceiling above only one thing crossed my mind.

Why hadn't Lisa looked for me yet?

She wouldn't have given up so easily.

Now would she?

So why didn't she look for me? How long has it been?


Or was it a few hours?

I couldn't tell. My mind was still foggy from all the fricking sedatives.

I guess somehow the stories of infamous Gotham had gotten to her. What would happen if she really did believe I was either dead or had simply gone missing without a trace?

Would anyone consider a giant bat abducting an innocent man and putting him arkham for no valid reason at all?

The future looked bleak for me as far I could tell.

It could be my karma. I was paying for the sins I committed. But I wasn't going to spend the rest of my life trying to convince everyone I wasn't this DR crane person and making them diagnose me a chronic schizophrenic with MPD.

So I was upto me to break myself out of here and find a way to Lisa.

If anything was worse than being locked up in padded cell was the thought of spending my life without the sweet smell of the woman who had once stabbed me with a pen.

My life made no sense without her.

I wasn't going to throw everything away.

It was time the real Jackson rippner took over instead of the wimp lying and crying his eyes out.

It was time to break the whole thing down into face based logic, and then pounce.

Last chapters Spell mistakes: abode not aboard & needle not noodle

Forgive me for the a few typos here and there!

Chapter 11: Chapter 11
Chapter 11

Another side of me

It was perhaps the longest walk I ever took.

Oh well probably not. The long walk down the aisle would definitely take the cake.

:D :D :D

But it was incredibly disconcerting the way Jackson trotted alongside with me without saying a word en route.

The bizarre expression never left his face.

I kept stealing glances at him to make sure he was really there.

He was and he wasn't.

I can't begin to explain.

Thankfully we made to the hotel without further incident.

The doorman didn't look surprise to see us there. He looked positively alarmed.

His face had drained out of blood and he looked like he was about to collapse.

His eyes shifted from my face to jack's, then to mine again. It seemed he was in a dilemma. He looked half way through bolting. But somehow he checked himself and gave us a weak smile.

I was watching him so closely I had absolutely forgotten to see how jack was taking this extremely weird behavior.

I swiftly turned my head and I almost froze.

His face was lit up, like he was really happy about something. Something amused him, something he once had and lost. It looked as if he found it again.

His face held a reddish glow which was border line creepy.

I had never seen him like this.

The time when he was so busy terrorizing me on the red eye flight, he looked every bit vicious and cruel but at the same time it had seemed professional.

But the way he was behaving right now, was something different.

Something must have changed since we arrived at Gotham.

I was determined to find out what.

I tugged at his blazer

" jack lets go"

he didn't respond.

He was still staring the doorman down.


This time I said a little loudly.

He turned his head, looked at me like I wasn't there at all then started walking behind me.

I didn't stop at the front desk this time.

Frankly I was too scared to involve anyone else in this eerie episode.

I quickly made my way to the elevator, jack trotting behind and made our way safely into the suite.

Once in I turned my head and was about to yell question at him when I stopped in my tracks.

Jack stood in the middle of the room looking around, like he was appraising the room for the very first time. He was taking it all in.

He looked around the room, towards the connecting door, padded across and opened it.

He disappeared into it for a few moments.

Then he was back.

He looked positively disgusted at something.

He looked at me, pouted then said

" and you need all of this why ?"

"excuse me ?"

"I meant why do we need all this? Two rooms and a private elevator and a luxury Jacuzzi etc etc?"

"jack ! you booked this for our honeymoon. Whats wrong with you?"

I stared at him dumbfounded.

Why was he behaving like a total nut job? It's not possible for him or anyone for that matter to develop a MPD overnight.

What was wrong with him?

"whats wrong with you jack ? Why were you out roaming the narrows?"

I asked him gently.

He didn't respond but keep looking at me in his same familiar yet unfamiliar way.

"you know there are lunatics prowling the streets these days? Some are criminally insane dangerous men? I don't think your fact based logic could have saved you from them"

My voice had gone dangerously quiet and cold.

"Define insane"

He looked highly amused at my choice of words like he was some sort of authority on insanity and mental disorders.

Ohhh how badly I wanted to slap his too perfect face.

"DR Crane for a start"

At that he gave me a huge grin before adding

"Dr Crane isn't here right now…." He drawled and was about to say more but I interrupted him.

"ya I know. But he is insane isn't he? Everyone says so. He went bananas trying to destroy the city and totally snapped. A complete bonkers I heard"

"Not my diagnosis"

"Since when are YOU an expert at psychoanalysis may I ask?"

"You may but I don't have to answer now do I" he grinned once again, shaking his head.

"Why were you out there jack? Hatching a plan to start a new career in crime?"

I knew it was a bit below the belt. Jack had nothing but being entirely honest in his effort to start our life with a clean slate.

But I was so mad with worry I wasn't thinking straight.

He said nothing.

"Jack you better start explaining"

He began to scratch his chin, his eyes cast down.

Then he said

" I was out looking for a blue flower"


"ya… a big blue flower. Beautiful….."

His voice rose with childish excitement.

"what are you talking about ? what blue flower?"

"oh you don't understand. It has enormous powers….hmmm a big blue flower"

"How did you come to know about this flower? And why did you have to go looking for it in the night?"

" night….. its always the best time to go looking for it"

"that's it. You are making no sense. I am going off to bed. We ll talk about this when you are more yourself, and less insane"

I stormed off the room in anger, got into my bed fully dressed and fell into an uneasy slumber.

Ps sorry for the delay

Chapter 12: Chapter 12
Chapter 12

The truth about the mirage

It wasn't a lifetime. It's barely been one night. But it's made me realize something. Noone was going to believe me. Somehow they have gotten into their head that I was some mad DR Crane who also went by the name the scarecrow. A MPD ? Even an amateur like me could tell.

That also meant that anything I said would come across as insane rumblings of a broken man who wasn't sure of his own name.


I have to plan my move carefully. I cant do anything that might attract attention.

On the other hand I cant just sit her in my comfy straitjacket waiting for leese to think I was dead or something.

If I went missing for more than 3 days in a place like this everyone would conclude the same thing.

I didn't understand one thing.

Why hasn't lisa done anything? Or is she out there looking for me as I speak?

The whole situation is so impossible.

There isn't a thing I could do right now.

What could I do ? police was out of option. Noone would let me talk to them anyway.

And besides if this crane was as insane as they said he was, then the cops would be happy to see him locked away in a loony bin.

But I have to reach out to someone.

Who ?

Who could help a captive who shouldn't be here in the first place?

Who would help a hapless prisoner ?

The bat-man someone whispered.

I sat up with a jerk looking around.

There wasn't anyone around.

But I distinctly heard someone saying the name….breaking it into two syllables…

Just like before…

Was it my head again? I was hearing voices again? Maybe I was a bit insane.

That's not the point. Why would my head tell me to seek him form him when the bastard was the one who put me here.

Cause the caped crusader is the protector of the city.

That includes you too the voice informed me , smirking a little.

I didn't like it one bit.

But if the dark knight was the only one who could help me so be it….

But how do I find him ?

Jack you are pro you will figure something out he said.

This time the voice was softer.

And I got the feeling I had heard it before.

Not in my head.

Not in the bathroom when the caped freak jumped me but a long time ago.

It's blurry.

The images are all but gone.

But I had heard the voice before. And the owner was someone I knew from that past.

A past I can't remember anymore.

Ps typo Thankfully we made it to the hotel without further incident chapter 11

pps sorry for the delay.

Chapter 13: Chapter 13
Chapter 13

Sweet dreams are made of these

When I woke up in the morning I expected jack to be sitting on the bed, staring at me. There were so many unexplained things m and I deserved an apology for the very bizarre behavior last night. Surprising I found myself alone in the room.

My heart sunk.

I swift tore the covers off me, and padded towards the living area.

At first I couldn't see him at all.

Then I saw him crouching on the floor.

He was looking at something very intently totally lost in his own thoughts Unaware of my presence.

I must have made some noise because he suddenly jumped up in great fright, looking alarmed.

His faced had paled like he had seen something worse than a demon. His eyes began to dart from my face to something unseen, then to my face again. His face remained consorted with fear mean while.

"what are you doing? " I asked him, softly, not risking another episode.

An Episode?

What the hell? Why was I thinking like that? Who's gone insane? Jack or was it me?

He didn't reply. His pale face lost the last bit of color; his blue eyes went dead and blank. It didn't look like I was getting through to him.

I repeated my question.

This time he responded.

A slight smirk illuminated his face. He tilled his head a little and said

"you have a good taste in books"

"What?" I was surprised.

Never once had jack shown any interest in what I read save the one time he read out the part I marked in a book to draw the attention of an old woman in that infamous red eyes flight a life time ago.

"you are interested in Jungian archetypes?"

"What are you talking about?"

He stooped down and picked up something from the floor and tossed it at me.

I caught it just in time to avoid it hitting my head.

It was dreams by Carl Jung.

It wasn't mine. I wasn't interested in psychology or self help books of any kind. My dad made me read some but that was it.

It must have been left behind by the suite's previous owner.

I told him so.

The disappointment on his face was obvious and a bit disturbing to say the least.

His grin vanished, and eyes narrowed when he said

'Should have known "

He took to his heels and disappeared into the bathroom as I stood there unable to move an inch.

What the hell just happened?

Chapter 14: Chapter 14
Chapter 14

The truth about lies

I waited till the orderly came in. I took my time. I had planned the whole thing to perfection, breaking it down to last details.

I couldn't let it fail. So I stayed mum for a while. I kept quiet till the orderly was well into my room.

That's when I made my move.

I shifted noisily in my bed, which as expected made him turn towards me in great alarm. That's exactly what I wanted.

I gave him the creepiest grin I could muster, my eyes going deliberately blank.

When I spoke I even surprised myself. I couldn't recognize my own voice.

"We are going to get you"

The expression on his face was precious.

It was a cocktail of sheer fear Alarm bewilderment and confusion.

Now I get why the master of fear, that freak crane was so fond of scaring the beejeebars out of people.


"What did you say?"

"When we get out this hellhole we are going to get you , and the city….."

"whose we?"

"I and the good doctor…. Didn't you know?"


He almost screamed, choking in his own words.

"Your precious bat-man cant save you from us" I drawled, getting a bit carried away at the thought of scaring the jackass standing in front of me.

"We are going to rip his heart out…..and send the pieces to the doctors here… then we will come after them…." I continued

"Then we will make some more poison … wait … we already have some hidden away ... Don't we doc?"

I grinned some more, sounding as insane as I pretended to be.

He just stood there unable to move.

I had to push him a little.

"You don't want that to happen to your city or your family now! Do you my dear orderly?" I asked my voice oddly even now, which I assumed scared him more.

"No" he screamed

"What do you want?"


"We need you to let us go"

" I cannnnttttt" he stammered " I don't have the authority or keys ….."

" hmmmm then find someone who does… I have an idea … talk to the doctor.. tell him what we said… and ask him to get his ass in here as soon as possible if he wants to save his city form destruction… this time we wont fail…'


He fled.

I just hoped the doctor would get the bat-man in here with him trying to squeeze information out of me. That's the only way I could convince him to at least check into my background, and the fact I wasn't the good doctor.

I hoped to Lucifer my diabolical plan worked.

Chapter 15: Chapter 15
Chapter 15


I was really getting worried about the man. What could have happened in the past few hours which made him behave this way? Of course jack has always been smug but he had never underestimated me. Not on the plane when he had to twice intercept my communiqués. Neither did he underestimate me when we were taken hostage at the bank and he was dragged by the hair by that goon…..

Why then this sudden desire to insult my mental faculties?

While I was standing there musing to myself he made his presence felt again. He trotted in from the bathroom, his glasses in hand.

Damn those specs.

'jackson don't you think you should now discard those glasses?"

He just started at me, unsmilingly and put them without a word.

"Jackson" my voice was harsh.

"How am I suppose to see without them?" came a sarcastic reply from god knows who

"Jackson" I said softly, moving an inch closer,

" you don't need glasses". I kept my voice low. Somehow I didn't think my yelling would help the matter in the least.

Something had happened. He was having some sort of breakdown and since I wasn't equipped to deal with that It was better if I didn't aggravate it either.

He needed a doctor.

I extended my hands to get them from him.

He looked at me with real scorn and alarm, squeaked

" no no no no noooooooooo"

"calm down Jackson… you will bring the whole hotel staff at out door step" I was beyond despair now.

"We should go see a doctor right now"

"The doctor isn't home"

The same monologue…

"Which doctor are you referring to Jackson?'

He grinned at me this time, his face had gone deathly pale. Suddenly I realized he looked like the scarecrow I had seen while passing through the fields en route. And he was still wearing the old ensemble of clothes he had worn last night.

I shivered involuntarily.

Jackson was barely 90 pounds. But he didn't look like this.

What was happening? What did happen last night?

"Jackson ... Please… lets just go see the doc….." I had barely finished the sentence when he started twitching again uncontrollably. .

"Ok fine we won't go … alright… what do you wanna do? We do wanna stay here in the suite all day long now do we? We are on our honeymoon" I pretended to give up. Not really.

"hmmmm we can go to elijahh"

"whats that ? "

"A place. Not far from here"

" it's a tourist spot?"

"Not exactly But its worth seeing."

He gave me a grin which made me convinced it wasn't something I wanted to see.

But I had to get him out of this hotel room and take him to a doctor.

So Elijah it is. !

"ok we will go to ellijah. But get dressed first jack"

"whats wrong with what am waering?"

"Nothing. But we want fresh clothes now don't we?" I was talking to a child now?

It took us more than 2 hours to get dressed. Jackson rummaged through his clothes like it belonged to someone else. Sniffed scoffed snorted at everything before putting on a blazer and a tie, not unfamiliar to the ones he was wearing.

God !

Thankfully when we made our exit through the door the night watchman from the day before was nowhere to be seen.

We quickly hailed a cab and got in.

I had every intention of directing the cabbie straight to arkham but Jackson spoke first


The cabbie must have heard the ice in his voice because he turned on the ignition and pulled out of the driveway without a word.

I sat there flabbergasted. My first plan was thus foiled.


D.I.D= disassociative personality disorder

I searched the net trying to find a bit more on Jonathan's background. But unfortunately my research's been futile. If anyone knows the place he was born in or such trivia feel free to let me know.

Chapter 16: Chapter 16
Chapter 16

This is how its done

Of course there were some flaws to my plans. There were a few things which could go wrong. They could have sedated me while trying to figure out my plans. Or the batman could come in with all his guns blazing beating the shit out of me. But this was a calculated risk. It all came down to this. Either I blackmailed them into believing I held the key to gotham's destruction and only way to stop that was to let me go. Or I could stay here screaming my ass off trying to convince them I wasn't a deranged lunatic which in course I would have become.

So here I was waiting for something. It was a make it or break it situation.

But for the sake of my sanity and leese I did what had to be done.

I couldn't begin to imagine what sort of trouble she could put herself in, in a city like this.

Why did I listen to leese? Why did we stop at this frozen god forsaken place?

I had such misgivings about this place. Why did I succumb?

There was no point blaming anyone or myself. It was time to get out of this place and sooner the better.

I listened closely. Suddenly I heard footsteps.

They are here…. The voice in my head said.

I was growing accustomed to that now. It's become a constant companion Kind of my guiding star. May be I was becoming one of them.

The drugs must have made me drowsy. It took me a while to realize it was the same doctor who had talked to me a while ago who waltzed in the cell with that terrified orderly looking disturbed.

It serves the bastard right.


I didn't say anything. I looked straight at him without blinking. I was more than aware what that blank stare did to people. And besides I wasn't crane now was I?

"Crane" he repeated again.


"What do you want crane?"

"What anyone else does …when they end up incarcerated? Want freedom" I drawled smirking a little.

" we cant let you go"

" oh I get it… working in an asylum has made you robotic… you don't care about what happens to others you? Just like the good doctor"

I assumed the scarecrow personality to perfection, god knows how.

"what did you say?"

"now now doctor.. you don't want us to destroy the city do you ? we have something hidden away… if you don't release us…we cant guarantee the safely of your gotham city "

" how do I know its not a figment of your imagination?"

"Fine don't…wait until you see your city in fragments … and your precious batman in disgrace"

I began to laugh at this point.

" how do I know you would stop whatever you have planned from taking place once you are released?"

"You don't"

I hoped he would mention the batman.

I couldn't possibly start another life running away from the crimes I never committed. I had to clear my name.

Batman was the key.

" there is someone you can make you talk "

"hahhahha like who ? your precious GPD?"

"No the one you are so addicted to that you seek him out to get a taste of fear..the batman"

He smirked, turned and left.

My first plan worked.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do when the batman arrived. There was a good chance he would start kicking and punching if the rumors were true. Then I would have zero chances of explaining.

On the other hand…..


If I could convince him I was crane who knew something about some fear toxin hidden away or something just as stupid..he might drag me to find them..once I was out I could beg him to look into my background..

He might, just might listen.

But then you never knew when it came to the dark knight.

Since it was his duty to protect the city which included criminally insane too, I had no option but to take my chances with him.

With that thought I drifted off in an uneasy sleep which I seemed to be doing a lot in the past few hours.

A loud noise woke me up. The room was darker than usual. And the silence was deafening. I could however see a figure lurking in the shadows.

He was here.

" batman" I whispered.

"crane ….what do you want ? Where is the toxin ?" he growled.

'Well well well batman long time no see" I wasn't sure but something in me wanted to piss the bat so badly I could refrain myself.

"crane" ROAR

" wouldn't you wanna know?"

He came forward and grabbed me by my hair at this…. I began to feel bad for the poor mad doctor…

If he could man handle ex terrorist like me so easily , the doctor I could bet had no chance.

But then you see I wasn't the good doctor.

"Let me go you freak… abusing me won't help you in the least"

My voice must have changed a bit, hoarser for he said

"scarecrow…I should have known…. You are behind this scam… what do you want.. ?

"Freedom in exchange of information"

"What makes you think I would believe in anything you say you lunatic?"

"Don't believe ME.. Maybe you will believe when…."

He didn't let me finish. He grabbed me by the collar and pulled me up. My face almost touched his mask.

"You will give me information whether you want to or not. There is no question of your freedom."

He smacked me on my neck once…and everything went blank.

Ps. this chapter is dedicated to you for your very kind reviews


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