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the mirror has two sides : the sequel to red eye 2
amyconner1985 wrote in fanverse
 Chapter 17: Chapter 17


I didn't expect the drive to be this long. Of course I asked the cabbie where exactly was ellijah. I almost jumped out of skin when he said it was light years away, somewhere is Georgia.

I wanted to reprimand Jackson for taking such a long trip for nothing, and without telling me where it was. We hadn't packed anything. And I assumed he was planning an overnight stay at least. Plus I wasn't sure I wanted to see a doctor in ellijah. The name itself gave the creeps.

You know it rhymed with jeremiah…a guy I used to know in school… he turned out to be such a psycho..

Oh god Gotham was starting to play tricks on my mind as well

I looked at jack stealing a glance sideways. He was staring straight ahead a bizarre expression on his face. He looked calm and excited at the same time. What was the word? Yeah he looked fey…

What was it he was expecting?

Something dreadful ….

My inner voice said. I asked her to keep quiet.

It wasn't until we passed a paddy field when I first began to see a change in his demeanor. He began to look uncomfortable, even scared.

I looked out of the window and I saw nothing but long stretches of paddy field in front of me.. and a dozen crows hovering above a scarecrow.

He looked positively scared at something.

What was it?

I looked at him and followed his gaze.

He was staring the big black crows, unseeingly. It was like he was remembering something horrid .

I shivered once again.

I touched him on his shoulder at which he jumped barring his teeth a little.

I itched away immediately.

" what the hell? What's wrong?"

" don't touch me " an ice cold voice warned.

I had had enough.

"fine I wont"

It was almost past 3. I suddenly remembered we haven't had anything to eat the whole day. I took out the sandwiches I had packed and offered him one.

He just looked at me and the sandwich in great distaste and said

"I am vegan"

Jackson? A vegan? Since when ?

He really must see a psychiatrist or I was.

This was not the way I planned our honeymoon.

"I have one in my bag"

"don't bother. I am not hungry. "

Well he did look like he never ate food … but Jackson never refused food…there were so many unanswered things…

I ate my sandwich silently.

I must have drifted off to sleep because when I woke up it was almost dark.

Dusk in the country side!

"We are here" suddenly a voice making us both jump.

Suddenly I realized the cabbie was speaking to us.

We were now heading towards a small town. Elijjah was merely 5 miles from there.

Jackson remained quiet for a while then asked him to stop at the town's church which he did.

We got off and paid.

We stood alone in front of a decrepit building which I assumed was the church while the cabbie drove away.

Jackson made no move to move for a few seconds then slowly made his way into the building.

I followed him like I was in some sort of daze.

He didn't stop at the cathedral or the altar as I thought he would but he slowly made his way through a door that led us into the grounds.

It was so dark I could barely see.

There were wild bushes all around, all unkempt.

It didn't look it was watered or maintained in the least. I think I also saw some eyes glaring at me in the dark. It could be my imagination. Or not.

Somehow Jackson had no trouble trotting along the paths.

I stumbled behind him. Suddenly my foot got stuck at something and I almost fell. I grabbed the first thing I could find to steady myself. Then I looked closely.

It was an epitaph.

It was the church's burial ground.

It would have been surprised if I weren't so scared. So I hastily followed Jackson to wherever the hell he was going. I knew I was going down with him anyway.

He kept going for a few more moments when he stopped in front of two tomb stones.

He sat down on his knees and touched them.

I did the same and read the names.

Bella Jones 1900-1980

Linda Jones 1921-1980

Who were they?

"Jackson who are they?"

"my grandmother and great grandmother"

I was astonished.

I didn't know he had family In Georgia.

But then he rarely talked about his past.

Every time I asked him about his family and his life before he always replied with the same answer.

Wasn't his love for me enough?

It was.

Then why did he suddenly bring me to his hometown, to his family's burial ground.

And surprisingly there were only two tombs.

I couldn't see his parent's tombs anywhere.

What was the deal?

Ps keep reading if you want to know more

Chapter 18: Chapter 18
Chapter 18

At his mercy

When I woke up I wasn't sure where I was. I felt extremely cold. A wet drizzly smell hit my nose as I tired to breathe.

Everything was so dark.

I tried to get up but surprise surprise….

I was tied to something…

I was strapped down to a table…

Something told me it wasn't the arkham asylum.

It was something worse.

I heard wings flapping which I assumed were birds. But there was a suspicious musty smell in the air which could only mean one thing

The batman

He has kidnapped me once again.

My suspicions were proved right because sooner I said the word batman aloud, the caped freak appeared out of nowhere, all set to torment DR Crane whom he assumed he had abducted from the asylum.

"How do you feel doctor "he growled

"All is well?"

I sighed.

"I am not doctor crane." I said plainly.

"yes I know are the scarecrow"


"Stop messing with me doctor"

"batman … I am not doctor crane or name is Jackson rippner."

" a new personality crane ?" the batman seemed beyond amused

" batman please you have to listen to me" I pleaded.

" I don't have to do tell me about your fear toxin"

" please give me one chance to explain.. then do whatever you want with me.. give me time to explain"

his patience was running out. I could tell .

" you have 60 seconds crane for your lunacy… then I will start beating "

" I am not name is Jackson rippner from maimi florida and am married to a woman named lisa reisert.

We were on our honeymoon and staying at wayne hotel when you somehow mistook me for crane god knows why and brought me here..i have never been in gotham let alone tried to destroy it.. And I certainly am not a doctor of any kind."

I stopped my monologue.

He was exasperated at what seemed like blatant lying.

"Then do you care to explain to me ..JACKSON" he spoke my name with venom

"Why do you LOOK exactly like DR Crane? I don't think it's a side affect of the fear toxin YOU sprayed on me a while ago"

For the first time I began to see… really see… and it made me sick to my stomach….

My head begun to reel and I couldn't think straight properly…

How stupid I had been.. how incredibly naïve…

That's why I heard the voices in the head…

The voice I vaguely remembered.

It was a voice I thought I had known but chose to forget. I was remembering it right now. Everything came back in a flash.

My entire life unfolded in front of me.

A life I didn't know existed even 10 seconds ago.
It made perfect sense now.

My head began to hurt really badly.

It was long before I heard myself screaming I great agony , remembering things I didn't want to and lapsing in total oblivion.

p.s next update pretty soon :P

Chapter 19: Chapter 19
Chapter 19

Family matters

"You never talked about your family Jackson" I asked Jackson as we got up from our stooped position.

"I never had the chance of meeting your family"

He didn't say anything.

I chose to press some more hoping he would open up a little more.

"What about your parents? Where are they? Still alive?" I thought it was obvious since there weren't any other grave nearby.

"I don't know."

I thought I heard wrong.


"Haven't seen them in 20 years"

That was unexpected.

Or now was it?

" you are the only child?"

At that he shifted from one foot to another, and then started to walk away.

I had no other option to follow him.

"Jackson wait"

He didn't. He continued with his walk until we came across a small barn, some 20 feet from the graveyard.

It was darker still.

He stopped in front of it as if mesmerized by something.

I followed his blank gaze and once again rewarded by a scarecrow.

What was his fixation with this scarecrow?

Then he suddenly turned and gave me his most charming smile

"let me show you my home "

"your home?"

"yes I was born here…I believe my old home is still in place"

I always was under impression Jackson hailed from Miami. But he didn't actually say he was a Miami native. So….he was a country boy?


A path intersected the one we were on, Jackson chose to take that. Soon we were walking down a sad little alley, frozen in time. There weren't many houses nearby. The ones which were there looked so threatening I had to look away in sheer terror.

Finally after walking a few minutes we reached at a place which looked more like a wreck after a hurricane than a house.

Jackson stopped.

Then he turned towards me and said

"That's my old home"

He didn't wait for me. He just went in.

I couldn't stand there all by myself.

In spite of being scared out of my wits I walked in.

It was a nightmare.

Chapter 20: Chapter 20
Chapter 20


"Jackson wake up….jackson…. Jackson you are going to be in big trouble if you don't."

"Go away let me sleep. Its not even 5 in the morning"

"I know but you may never know. They might walk in anytime. If they find you asleep or the room untidy"

"Don't be such a sissy"

"Jackson pleasssssss wake uppppp"

I opened my eyes in great shock and again found myself in darkness again. I obviously had been dreaming. But the voice I heard was so distinct didn't seem like a dream. It came from somewhere around here. I heard a movement in the shadows…

Of course !

The batman.

"Awake crane?"

I said nothing. There was no use talking to this man. He got an idea stuck into his pighead and nothing I could say or do could make him change his mind. I was beginning to regret my decision to involve him in my diabolical plan.

" you are the master of fear DOCTOR….but what scares YOU ? what made you scream like a little girl?" he went on.

Man, I wished he would just shut up and leave me alone. But of course he was batman. He wouldn't do anything of the sort,

When I failed to respond, he came forward and gave me a hurtful jab in my ribs.

I writhed in pain. I was still tied to that fucking table. So there wasn't anything I could do. But I did manage to amuse myself by imagining what I would do to HIM once I got out. His Kevlar wouldn't be able to save him. I smiled to myself.

Thankfully he didn't see the grin on my face and continued

"What scared you Jackson? Who were you so scared of?"

He paused for a while.

Then added "you are probably crazier than I thought…do you really believe you aren't DR Crane? So you talk to yourself even when you are asleep? Who the hell is JON?"

I was listening to him until that part. But at the mention of Jon I started my mute screaming once again.

"Calm down crane" he growled.

"Who is Jon? Why do you talk to yourself? Who were you so afraid of in the dreams crane?" he repeated.

Something must have snapped in my head because I heard myself answering

" my grandmother "

"Your grandmother….. Oh yes I know… I remember reading it in your case file she was abusive right? A religious fanatic? Is that the reason for your psychological breakdown? It's the excuse for your behavior?"

"just like your parent's death is an excuse for yours"

I didn't mean to bring that up at all. But something about the man was beginning to piss me off.

And he had mentioned Jon a way too many times.

I thought he was going to hit me once more. But he didn't. he just stood there, contemplating things, as if he were capable of such a thing then said

"perhaps. But I do it to save the innocents from thugs like you. It's not the same crane. Who is Jon?"

"He is my brother genius" I couldn't stop myself from hurling that last insult.

He stopped in his tracks, glared at me, then said

"Jonathan crane has a brother named Jon? Scarecrow this is your most original remark ever"

He began to laugh.

It wasn't funny.

"No Mr. bat-man, Jonathan didn't have a brother named Jon. I do"

He was still laughing but suddenly sobered up at the ice in my voice

"What are you talking about ?"

"Didn't you know batman? Jonathan had a twin brother…ME…Jackson"

"That's it…enough of your lies… it's even worse than the joker's" I could tell he was both exasperated and bewildered.

I continued

"I believe no one had the slightest interest in the Doctor's personal life before he came here … is not it so? You guys found out about the grandmother so that you could explain the root cause of his insanity now isn't it so? Ahh it's all falling into place..."

I paused. The batman looked somewhere between loosing it and waiting till I finished my fascinating story.

He scoffed and then said

"Where were you all this time? There wasn't any mention of a brother anywhere in his files…"

"where do you think genius? You think jon could have survived the brutality of our grandmother?"

If he was shocked he didn't show it

"Where were you?"

"Georgia state juvie "


"Why do you think? I killed our grandmother and great grandmother"

"You did what?"

"You heard me. Maybe you should check with the authorities there. Man its good to have a criminal record"

"What happened to Jonathan?"

"They put him in foster case I assume. I haven't seen him since then"

"You didn't try to contact him when you got out? It's hard to believe?"

"I forgot"

"You forgot to get in touch with your brother?"


He was incredulous.

"Twin brother, no I forgot I had one batman. I forgot Jon ever existed."

Ps I am sorry. It had to be this way.

Chapter 21: Chapter 21
Chapter 21

Inside the mind

It was a nightmare.

The door opened up into a living room. Jackson had thankfully switched on the lights. I wasn't sure how it still worked.

The state in which I found the living room, it didn't appear anyone had lived there in a long time. Maybe Jackson came here from time to time?

To do what I wonder!

The room smelt musky and old, and creepily of death.

I wasn't sure why I felt that, but the pungent smell of violence and death was making me choke.

I looked at Jackson and shivered once again.

His whole body language had changed.

His expression changed from reminiscences to recollection of something terrible, something that was beyond our reach but was very much present.

He looked across the hall at the closet which seemed to be locked.

He looked at it once and turned towards me

"That's where I kept my play things…"

I don't know why but it made my stomach churn with fear. He must have noticed it too. His expression immediately changed to that of a jovial child, finally successful at doing something right.

"Would you like to see my …. "He stopped


I was pretty sure he was going to say something else. I certainly didn't want to see whatever he wanted me to see.

"Sure Jackson "

He looked genuinely happy at my response

"This way please"

He led me up the staircase adjoining the hall. It led up into an attic.

The door was closed.


He looked under the mattress, found the key and opened it.

And in we walked.

The attic was turned into a bedroom of sorts.

A bed.

A desk.

A couple of chairs.

One book shelf.

All covered in dust now.

The walls were barren. There was not a single thing on them.

A poster.

Or a picture.

Anything that could make the attic seem less like a cell and more like a room.

Something was bugging me .

Then I realized.

There wasn't any window either.

There was a skylight up above and a small opening higher up in the wall.

But it wasn't big enough to be qualified as a window.

What sort of childhood did Jackson have?

He was standing close watching me intently with his sapphires.

Husband or not it still made me uneasy.

I began to rummage through the bookshelf.

Old text books.

Reference books.


Not a single novel.

I flipped through the pages. These books were meant for pretty advanced students I gathered.

I put them down and looked through the drawers.


Empty .


I looked through them all.

I hit the bull's eye when I hit the last one. My hands found something solid. I pulled it out. It was an old faded black and white picture of two kids, about 5 years old. Twins.

Their faces couldn't have been more similar.

It was taken so long ago the date was almost too blurred to read. But I recognized one thing, Or rather two sets of things at once.

Even black and white pictures couldn't hide the blueness of their eyes. I was in such shock it was difficult for me to breathe.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

But I had to make sure. So I did the next logical thing. I grabbed one of the books and flipped through them again

Jackson crane & Jonathan crane


I wasn't sure how I was supposed to react at this revelation.

My husband has a brother.

A twin brother.

He is criminally insane.

He tried to destroy gotham.

He is still out there, on the loose.

We are in Gotham.

All these chaotic thoughts passed my mind as I stood there, with that stupid book in my hand.

The sun set across the horizon.

Chapter 22: Chapter 22
Chapter 22


I forgot I even had a brother. I forgot Jon ever existed.

The human bat looked stoned, transfixed,

He couldn't speak for a long time. It was no mean feat for a guy like him. He spent his entire adult life growling. But he was silent. And I was thankful for that.

"how can you forget something like that? do you want me to believe that?" his voice was quiet.

"You believed me when I said I killed two people when I was ten. Why is it hard to believe the rest?"

"I never said I believed it."

"Well you can check my story if you like…I have a pretty shrewd idea you know how to hack into police databases and CODIS"

He was about to roar some more but checked himself. Instead he disappeared into the darkness for a long time.

When he reappeared he looked somber and agitated both at the same time.

He must have checked my story.

So what he got in his hands was an ex-con, the twin brother of the infamous scarecrow- probably just as dangerous.

But he didn't have anything on or against me. I didn't do a single thing to destroy his precious Gotham.

What is a bat to do?

"How did you remember having a brother of a sudden Jackson" he used my real name.

"if you had forgotten you had a brother how is that you remembered him just when I was about to beat the hell out of you? Isn't it convenient?"

"As you can see batman nothing about this situation is convenient"

"You didn't answer me Jackson"

I had no answer to that.

I did forget all about Jon, or my life in elijjah. That part of my life had become blocked in my mind. What did make me remember them? Or most importantly why did I forget them in the first place?

I remember now. The doctors at the juvie were very concerned about my mental health. But they just assumed that it was because of the guilt of killing two people which erased my memory.


Two people.


Why is it I can remember jon but cant recall anything about the murders?

How did I kill them? Knife? Gun ? bashed their head in? poison ?

I must have said them out aloud because I heard the batman saying

"Jackson what are you talking about? You aren't sure how you killed your grandmother and your great grandmother?"

I wasn't.

In fact I couldn't remember killing them at all. But that couldn't be…

I distinctly remember myself walking down the hall, into the kitchen…

Holding something in my hands…

I remember their agonized faces before dying…

I remember my own glee …

I remember it like a movie…

Everything unfolding I front of me like scenes from talkies.

Then reality hit me.

I really had been naïve. So had been my doctors.

I just realized now why I had repressed that memory so long, why I chose to forget everything.

"We aren't twins for nothing brother. We look out for each other. Don't worry. I will take care of you Jon. Leave this all to me"


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