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forever & always : a prequel to broken arrow
amyconner1985 wrote in fanverse
“When she walked in through that door, the very first time; my heart had stood still. It couldn't be , it wasn't possible ; but then , if vampires were real , what stopped Katherine from being one too ! ? . Only, she wasn’t. She wasn't Katherine, just a doppelganger; and her name was Elena. From the moment she walked in , I was aware of three things , her incredible essence , that she was in love with my brother ; and from the way my undead heart beat seeing her : I knew I was in trouble. I was already defeated, in an un-winnable battle; and the game hadn’t started yet.
My heart had skipped a beat, and my whole body had burned with desire, a desire I hadn’t felt in years; decades actually. All I wanted, at that point was to run across the room, hold her, and kiss her , furiously ; as if it were my right to assault every bit of her mouth , with a hurried intensity. I wanted to tilt her head, just a little , so that she could bear into my dark eyes, loose herself in them and I could so the same : in her own two abyss of enchantment. My thirst had been unbearable then. I knew only one thing could quench it- blood of my enchanting maiden. I wanted to sink in her body, and draw drops, making her mine & mine only.
I remember how I scoffed at Bella , and at Edward ; for being so whipped , but one look at her receding back , and I knew I was going to be her slave for ever . It’s ironical, because, in my case, forever literally meant forever: eternity.
Too bad she was in love with the wrong brother. I believe she met him at the wrong time, and wrong place. There was no way; she wasn’t destined not to become my princess of darkness. I could offer her things, fantasies my vanilla brother can only dream off. One kiss, one bite on her white throat, and she could forget all her worries. Too bad, she still viewed me as Stefan’s homicidal older brother. She wasn't far off the mark though; I was the most dangerous thing, she is likely to encounter, in her life. But I was also perhaps the only one, who would willingly let them stake me; just for the sake of my princess of darkness. Well! This wasn't over. Only time will tell which brother she is meant to be with. One fact about Damon Salvatore: he doesn't like to loose. This time I won't make the same mistake, as I did with Katherine. I, foolishly let Stefan play with me, I let him be a competitor; never thinking for a moment, he could actually beat me. But things will be different mow. I can’t loose Elena, my soul mate. I will make Elena, my princess of darkness: whatever it took.
Whatever the cost!!!!!!”
Damon Salvatore’s P.O.V


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