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forever & always : a prequel to broken arrow chapter 3
amyconner1985 wrote in fanverse
 I didn’t expect her to come. I didn’t expect her to respond, to anything I had to say. I knew everything was futile. My advances, my overtures would all go in vain. But that didn’t matter. It became almost a necessity, that I told her, how I really felt. I didn’t want her to live in gross misunderstanding that Damon Salvatore was but a passive onlooker. I knew it was going to hurt her. I knew she was fond of me, in her own weird way. In her very own, humane way, she was fiercely protective of me. I guess she was the only one, who really saw, what was really underneath my self: what I portrayed was all a façade. She saw in me, something more than a mere monster. But I doubt she sees the human heart that beats for her. It’s imperative she saw it now.

But I didn’t expect her to come. She walked in through the door, a slight curled up smile on her face. It made my heart sink in horror. She looked so fey. Some was, expecting something to happen. Her hair, always the color of eternal midnight, hung loosely around her precious neck. For the first time, my fangs didn’t tickle. My eyes didn’t even stray towards her throat. Her essence was different. It was so unusual, my nose tickled. But somehow, I missed its significance. All I wanted to stare in, the blueness of her lapis lazulis and drown myself there, dying happily . It sounds corny, but that’s exactly how I felt.

‘Damon” she cooed, walking towards me, in her easy, catlike steps.
I almost melted. I didn’t even realize, when her lips met mine, crushing them together. I grasped for breath, just for a moment, then grabbed her waist, and whirled her round. We crushed in the wall together, her back against its crimson tiles. I was hungry now. I looked at her luscious mouth and my thirst soared up. The time stood still as we kissed and kissed and the world, dissolved round us.
Damon Salvatore’s p.o.v


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