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the mirror has two sides : the sequel to red eye 2
amyconner1985 wrote in fanverse
 Chapter 23: Chapter 23
Chapter 23

Rhymes and verses

It was already dark outside when I finally found my voice.

"Jackson, you never mentioned you have a brother"

"Had have …. Will have …"he drawled making no sense whatsoever.

"all the while we were dating you never mentioned the fact…not even when I told you what I heard about DR crane at bruce wayne's party"

"Doctor Crane isn't here right now," he paused, and then gave me twisted grin before adding "but if you like to have an appointment?"

"You are kidding right? Why would I want to have an appointment with a psychopath? The one who marvels at the chaos his toxin crap creates?"

I was beyond incredulous.

He didn't say anything for a few seconds. It seemed like a life time.

He walked over the empty walls, staring at the nothingness.

Then he did the most amazing thing.

He begun to sing


When all the cows were sleeping
And the sun had gone to bed
Up jumped the scarecrow
And this is what he said!

I'm a dingle, dangle scarecrow
With a flippy floppy hat
I can shake my hands like this
And shake my feet like that

When all the hens were roosting
And the moon behind the cloud
Up jumped the scarecrow
And shouted very loud

I'm a dingle, dangle scarecrow
With a flippy floppy hat
I can shake my hands like this
And shake my feet like that

When the dogs were in the kennels
And the doves were in the loft
Up jumped the scarecrow
And whispered very soft

I'm a dingle, dangle scarecrow
With a flippy floppy hat
I can shake my hands like this
And shake my feet like that

I'm a dingle, dangle scarecrow
With a flippy floppy hat
I can shake my hands like this
And shake my feet like that"

This went on for several minutes.

He sang, and flipped his hands while doing so, looking pretty much like the subject of the song he was singing. All he needed was the hat.

I wasn't sure how to react to that.

First I had never seen and heard Jackson sing.


That also meant I didn't know he had such an amazing voice.

Third of all, most importantly of all the things in the world I couldn't imagine what possessed him to sing about a scarecrow.

It wasn't even a song. It sounded more like a nursery rhyme.

Was Jackson more sick than I initially thought?

Of course he didn't give me time to figure out an answer.

He started on another song.

This time he pulled out something out from underneath the bed and was fondling with it as he sang.

I couldn't see what it was. It was something dirty and brown. It looked suspiciously like a sack.

He was grinning at me I suddenly realized. His eyes were shinning like blue sapphires. Then did what I wish I could forget. It scared the beejeebars out of me.

He put the sack on his and stared at me through the holes in it.

With the burlap sack on his head, his whole scarecrow ensemble was done.

I screamed noiselessly as he came closer and closer until I sunk into total unconsciousness.

The last thing on my mind?

You aren't my Jackson.

ps of course I had to use scarecrow's famous dialogues.

And I also used Cillian Murphy's back story. Those who don't know [which I doubt] he was in a rock band and is an awesome singer.

Chapter 24: Chapter 24
Chapter 24

The truth about lies, once again

"Jackson" the batman whispered which was worse than his roar

"I don't understand how you could repress the memory of your own brother. I thought twins are close"

"Could we please not talk about it.? How about you letting me go?"

I was tired. I wanted to run into lease's arms and hold her. I still had a job explaining my sudden absence.

The whole I was mistaken for my twiin brother Dr crane and abducted by batman was going to sound extremely far fetched if not absolutely insane.

"you may not be DR crane . You are still a criminal"

"I was an ex con. I am not now" my own voice matching his tone.

" do you want me to believe that you are in gotham but you aint in league with your genius brother?"

" all you need to do , you big freak" I was besides myself with anger

"Is to call wayne hotel and talk to my wife. She isn't in the system which I am pretty sure you are aware"

" yes, but I am also aware you tried to scare the hell out of her some years ago, didn't you?"

"how the hell did you know that?"

"I did my homework Jackson. As soon as I saw you were who said you were I decided to check on any further criminal activities of yours…bingo"

He actually laughed.

"she stabbed you in the neck , you tried to kill her later on and failed. You were caught but fled from the hospital. Then you disappeared. Suddenly I see you married to the same woman. What happened Jackson? The world is running out of good men? You of course are mad"

"Just because you are gay doesn't mean everyone else is batman. There are some men who still prefer women." I didn't know why said that.

Sooner I said that I realized my mistake.

He looked like stone, if that was possible then proceeded to hit me. But something stopped him.

He looked at me, appraised the situation then said the most unexpected thing

"Maybe I shouldn't hit you then, lest you think I am coming onto you"

I stayed quiet. Anything I said could bring in some thrashing which I seriously wanted to avoid.

"What does that say about Lisa? Marrying an ex con and a sociopath. That sort of makes her an accomplice doesn't it?"

"no it doesn't" I growled while struggling in my straps for the first time.

I would have smacked the freak's face if I had the power or chance.

Maybe next time.

"let me go batman. You have nothing against me. and I have no wish whatsoever to do anything to gotham. Or to anyone else. I will take my wife and leave. Let me go"

" answer my question first"

"what fucking question"

"how and why did you repress any memories of your brother?"

"why do you care?"

"its important"

"its none of your business"

'its my business when it involves my city"

"it doesn't"

" there you are wrong Jackson. They way I see it, there are only two explanations for your breakdown. First you felt so guilt that you blocked everything out. But you are a classic sociopath, like your brother. You people don't feel guilt that leaves us with one other logical explanation"

"Which is? Am dying to know Freud? Or is it jung you prefer?" I smirked.

"You repressed it because it was the only way to save Jonathan. It was Jonathan who killed them and you took the blame. Remembering him like that was too painful. So you forgot everything. Am I right?"

I looked at with hate. I don't remember hating anyone that much in my whole life like I hated the freak at that point.

He destroyed my life and from what I heard my brother's too.

And here he was gloating about the secret I had managed to keep in my mind for so many years.

I hated him more than anyone else.

Ps gay batman seems to be a trend here isn't it? :P

Chapter 25: Chapter 25
Chapter 25


When I woke up he was still wearing the burlap sack over his head. I don't know how and when it hit me but I knew it wasn't my Jackson.

That only meant one thing. It chilled my heart.

I was staring at the scarecrow.

He was standing close by, almost motionlessness, probably waiting for me to wake up.

I had the feeling it was better when I was unconscious. Whatever he had in mind I didn't want to find out.

I took a quick appraisal of the room.

I was in some sort of barn,

Not tied up which was surprising.

I was lying on a haystack, now almost completely lucid. The barn was dark, lit only by an old fashioned lantern and scarecrow's demonic eyes.

Ok ok he and my very handsome husband shared the same features, but they weren't the same now were they?

When he saw me stirring he moved an inch closer.

I pulled myself up in a sitting position glaring at the man in front of me.

I couldn't bring myself to think of him as my family or being remotely related to him, which in fact was the case.

"How do you feel?" he said, his voice suspiciously soft.

"Fine" I politely replied.

I had heard something about humanizing the victim when you are dealing with a psychopath. He was one for sure.

I cant believe I had put myself in the position of a victim once again.

I had no choice but to make him see that I was a human being and not just a subject to experiment on.

That was the only option I had.

Of course he hadn't been making his toxins lately. But that didn't mean he wasn't dangerous or he didn't have some other poison to make me scream in real pain.

His very getup was quite alarming to begin with. I didn't want to add hallucination to that.

"you fainted" stating the obvious.

"I guess I did"

"why? Afraid of us?"

"no I was just tired "

wait a minute did he just say afraid of "us"


"That's good. We don't want you to be afraid now do we?"

"Of course not Jon"


"Scarecrow. Am sorry. Do you know I know jon's brother?"


"yes his twin….you didn't know?"

"he doesn't have a brother"he growled at me with great menace.

" am sorry. I may have mistaken" I didn't want to piss off the scarecrow

"but can you conform with jon"

I wasn't sure he was going to refuse. But I was extremely surprised when instead he nodded his head.

A few moments later he took off his burlap sack.

The same cold icy blues stared at me, but I could tell now the DOCTOR was home.

"you were saying?' he asked, his voice skeptical.

"I know your brother"

" my brother?" he seemed surprised.

" yes Jackson . remember him?" I pused

"I mistook you for him"
"how do you know Jackson?"

"he is my husband"

"Jackson is your husband "it was a question or a statement. He simply repeated what I said.

"Yes I am your sister in law "I wasn't sure why I added that.

" our grandmother is dead"

"I know"

" so is our great grandmother"

"I know that too"

"do you know our mother?"

I wasn't sure if he meant his and Jackson's or his and the scarecrow's.

"no I haven't met any of your family"

"good"he seemed to be pleased with the answer.

" you know" he turned

"When Jackson and I were kids he used to be very protective of me. When my grandmother wanted to beat me or tried to drown me. There were times when Jackson pretended to be me so that I could be spared the pain"

Poor Jackson… I thought

Poor Jon.

Did I just sympathize with a psychopath?

"that's when I decided to kill everyone in the family"

He stopped to look at me.

"I wanted to kill them both for the abuse and mental torture. I would have ripped their hearts out" he continued

"But I wasn't physically strong, you can see even now am not"

I didn't like where this conversation was going.

"But you didn't need to be physically strong to be intimidating…. To scare the hell out of someone….. "

'you jus tneed your scarecrow archetype to take over " I finished.

"ha ha.. You know about the Jungian archetypes.."he smiled

"Yes that's the bolder part of one's identity….so my scarecrow took over… I had brains. He had the guts to do want I couldn't"

"You killed them?" I was incredulous

"Poisoned" he said" you see they would have killed us if we didn't"

I wasn't sure which "we" he was talking about then…. Jackson and him or him and the scarecrow?

"should have seen the look on their rotten old faces….life oozing out of their battered disgusting bodies" he smirked

"but my brother…. He thought I shouldn't have done that… he thought I wouldn't last a day in prison…"

he paused " that idiot did the thing he shouldn't have done.. He took the blame …he should have let me go to prison or die. That would have been kinder"

"How old were you two?" I asked

"10… he thought I had a brilliant mind..i should use it for something great…. See psycho pharmacology has taken me places… " he begun to laugh manically at that.


" so he went to prison.. I was put into foster care… it wasn't very different from what we experienced though….

Worse…. I had lost Jackson…"

"why didn't you get in touch with him ?"

"I wasn't allowed by the foster parents…bad influence they said… I tried to find him once we turned 18… but somehow he had managed to disappear. … I haven't seen him in 20 years… how is he by the way?"

"He looks like you, minus the glasses, his voice is a lot hoarser though "

"How come?"

"I stabbed him in the neck with a pen …"

"You did what?"

"Long story"

"I have time"

He was still laughing when I finished with the tale

"Good lord. You have some nerve girl" he chuckled.

I suddenly realized he had the same charm Jackson had. He was narrating how he killed his family and planned to destroy Gotham, but instead of being I was mesmerized.

I was in fact empathetic. .

"What are you going to do with me/"

"I was planning on scaring the beejeebars out of you for a start" he admitted "but now that you told me you are Jackson's wife it makes the situation a bit complicated"

Chapter 26: Chapter 26
Chapter 26

Home coming

"Chill Jackson "the batman said "I didn't think you would be so noble…. But you can see why your brother is still a threat?"

I said nothing.

"my concerns are valid aren't they ?"

He can go on talking. I just wasn't going to respond I told myself.

"but you haven't don't anything wrong ..yet"

I still remained silent.

" I am going to take you to the will pack your things and leave immediately… and not return ..hopefully never"

I reacted "don't worry batman I have no wish whatsoever to return to this god forsaken place"

"Good... I will call your wife now… tell her to organize your things. Pack them..we will be leaving soon" he continued while un strapping me.

" let me do the calling" I snapped.

" ok fine" he snapped back. He shoved something in my hands..

a fucking cell phone.

" I don't know the number" I grumbled.

"he took it from me. punched them and gave it back"

"so you have the hotel's number memorized ? is that where you take our hmmm dates?"

" just dial"

I obliged.

"wayne hotel may I help you?"

" connect me to the ripper's suite please?"

" I am sorry there is noone there right now .may I take a message?"

" this is Jackson tell leese to pack her things .."

"is this a joke sir? Its not funny"


" you know perfectly well that mrs lisa and mr Jackson rippner have gone out this morning …and you are calling yourself Jackson"

"what did you say? Leese went out with me?"

"I don't know who YOU are sir, but she certainly went out with her husband"

she slammed down the phone.

I stared at the handset, unable to speak.

"what happened"

the batman asked .

I couldn't think straight.

I knew exactly what had happened.

But I couldn't bring myself to admit it.

If our childhood experience was anything to go by leese was in BIG trouble.

"Jonathan" I replied.

Somehow the batman didn't need more. He got what I meant.

"you know where he has taken her? Where they could be?"

"no" I couldn't hold it any longer.

I slipped down on the floor, tearing starting to develop at the corners of my eyes.

"think Jackson…"

"I forgot…I don't remember..jonathan" words came out as incoherently as possible.

the batman did the unthinkable. He gave me a tight slap across the face.

I did manage to bring me to senses.

Suddenly I remembered .



"our hometown in Georgia..he must have taken her there..god" I screamed.

"calm your ass down , stop the hysteria … "

"he is gonna kill her"

"I wont let him"

"you? Why would you help us"

"I will… she doesn't deserve to die…scarecrow belongs in arkham"

he was already starting on the ignition of his big tank he called the tumbler.

"get in Jackson…I usually do it alone but its your wife and brother…. You should be there"

I got in without a word.

Ps its nearing the end… thanks for sticking with the trio until the very end..

Chapter 27: Chapter 27
Chapter 27

Doctor is home

I wasn't sure what he meant by that. but I was sure of one thing. I was going to die that night. And I suddenly realized the voice I heard outside arkham may really have been Jackson's. that's how I was going to remember my husband before his psycho brother tore me into pieces.

Even at the brink of death I couldn't but symphonize with the man.

I had a lovely childhood. My parents got divorced after 32 years of marriage but we were still a family. I remember both the sets of grandparents with fondness. How tender their old hands were, how soothing their voices sounded when my parents scolded me.

And here he was, terrified out of his wits by his grandmother, who was supposed to protect him with bed time stories and hand knit mitts.

Poor jonathan.

And poor Jackson.

He ruined his childhood just to protect his little brother. That's one side of him I would never know now that I was destined to die in Jon's hands.

I looked at Jon. He was grinning at me insanely. Perhaps the scarecrow had taken over without my knowledge. He would need him to kill me I rationalized.

"Well well well what are we going to do with you? You know too much"

I sat there saying nothing.

" but somehow I don't seem to find any pleasure in killing you…"

" that pisses you off?"

"not me..scarecrow… he is pissed off…but agrees…we don't want to kill you"

" but you said I know too much"

" yes but the thing is cant prove anything about the crane murders.." he laughed " Jackson already confessed.

"I see"

"So …"


"Maybe we should let you live another day lease?"

Again the "WE"

"Yes you most definitely should let me live another day"

He looked at me, his eyes peering at me. Then he sat down next to me

"Jackson should have let me go to prison. Saved everyone the trouble"

" you have said that"

"now the bat-man is looking for me"

"he is"

" he doesn't want me to destroy his city..the great saviour..he doesn't realize gotham cant be saved…its too late now…"

"I didn't destroy gotham you know…" he added… or rather the scarecrow did

" the citizens did it all by themselves…. I merely gave them the push… it was fascinating to see the city tearing itself apart by fear "

"It must have..for a psychiatrist "

"it was incredible…"

" until you got gassed yourself"

"it was fun too in a way..i didn't know what I was scared of until I do"


" the batman… I know what I gotta do..i need to seek him out..its a drug ..phobia"

what I heard was blah blah blah

" I don't get it"

"I am scared to death of him, but I feel the compulsion to seek him out …to feed my a drug"

I still didn't get it but then I didn't get a lot of things.

"what will you do now?"

" sit here leese and wait"

"wait ? wait for what?" I said, surprised.

"for the batman..he wouldn't let you die..neither would your husband"

"They will take you back to arkham"

" I belong there…probably as a psychiatrist I doubt they would reinstate me " he sighed.." but I can always break out "

" you are not the joker"

" am not but they couldn't keep me tere for long last time…wait a minute how did you know about the joker?"

"local gossip"


"so you will go calmly with the batman"

"he is here"

"who?""the batman" he drawled before breaking into hysterical laughter.

Chapter 28: Chapter 28
Chapter 28


The tumbler busted in through the door of the barn in a flash. I had underestimated its strength just like I had under estimated its mileage.

We had reached elijjah in less than an hour despite heavy traffic and the attention the car got from the curious onlookers.

I knew we would find the house empty. There was only one place where he would take her.

I wasn't sure how I knew that, but I simply did.

I prayed to god in a very long time. I prayed that we weren't too late.

So when we busted through the door I was prepared to see something gross and scarring, something demonic but not what I saw then.

Leese was sitting on the floor, and beside her sat my brother, fully docile.

Leese was alive.

I jumped out of the car.

She looked scared. The noise and the car had been quite enough on top of a raging lunatic that was Jonathan crane.

Leese got up slowly and looked at me , a strained smile on her face. But she didn't come rushing at me like I expected. She looked unhappy.


Of course she is sad you jackass…. She had been with a psychopath for over a day now.

But that didn't ring quite true. She kept looking at me and at Jonathan who was still sitting on the floor doing nothing. He didn't even stir when batman got out of the car and pulled up him up by the hairs of his hair.

An empty gagging sound escaped his mouth, but he didn't struggle.

He looked at the batman in great terror but somehow he looked he was at peace. His eyes looked as big as a flying saucer , then turned into tow blue orbs. A curious grin spread on his face as he said "the batman"

Then he looked at me for the first time.

I was dreading this moment. What do you say to an insane twin whom you haven't seen or heard from or remembered in 20 years?

" hello bro" he solved the problem for me.

" I am taking you back to arkham crane. Where you belong" the batman interjected

Jon merely giggled, his eyes darting from my face to lease then to the bat's .

The batman had had enough. He roughly slapped him across his face and cuffed his hands behind his back" you are worse than the joker" he said.

I just stood there petrified.

I couldn't do anything for my brother. I remained in place like a statue as the batman dragged his half starved body across the barn and into the tumbler.

In a few seconds they were gone.

Lisa hid her face in my face and I heard her cry.

I couldn't save my brother from the batman.

Chapter 29: Chapter 29

His chiseled well toned body wasn't the only thing that drew attention to him. It was his tattoos. They were all over his body. Looking at them from a distance would make them appear to be the work of an expert macho tattoo master, but looking closely you would realties it isn't the case. The tattoos were in fact a blueprint, a blueprint of a jail.

A jail he had planned and broken successfully to save his brother from a sure execution.

The sun burned down on his shaved head. His face looked contorted in concentration as he tried to read the letter in his hands. He was trying to make up his mind.

It read

" michael scofield

rio de jenerio



I hope you and Lincoln are doing okay now that the whole company thing is behind you. I use to laugh behind your back when you talked about sarah but now that. I have found someone just as amazing as sarah I understand what you meant.

But I am not writing to you to talk about our love lives.

Last time I helped you with something, something that was dearer to you than your own life. Lincoln and sarah meant everything to you.

Michael I need your help this time.

I need you to help me break out my brother. I already lost him 20 years ago. I can't loose him yet again.

Help me break jonathan out. He won't survive in this world without me.

Help me once Michael and consider us even,

Regards Jackson rippner"

A dark and handsomesome latin man walked towards the deserted beach and waved at Michael.

" what are you reading Michael?"

"it's a letter from Jackson sukre …guess we are breaking out his brother" Michael scofield said getting up.

ps thank you so much for reading. This the end of the story guess I will back with the third installment. See you guys soon.

Pps you will find the sequel RED EYE THE FINAL ENCOUNTER in the red eye- prison break cross over section.


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