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a midnight encounter : Wayne crane slash fanfic : au revoir
amyconner1985 wrote in fanverse
 Au revoir

"Why" Bruce yelled silently.

"Why what?" crane's voice sounded genuinely surprised. It might have been convincing; if not for the slight amusement in it.

"Why are you messing with my head?" Bruce growled in crane's ears, leaning in. he used his best batman voice, quite forgetting he wasn't in his Kevlar.

Crane grinned. His smile was disarming, as opposed to his usual sneer. It lit up his, very blue eye. For a moment, his face took on the look of utter glee, deluding Bruce into believing, he was looking at the joker, and not the scarecrow. The smile was gone in a second though.

"When did I mess with you? See I am locked up here, so far away from the madding crowd" he hooted in silent laughter. "If you are seeing things , or hearing them , maybe we need a private consultation?" . He ended with a question mark, sneering a little.

Bruce gave up. It was no use talking to this man, he thought miserably. He has decided to turn me in a nut job , just like himself. And the good doctor that he is , he is actually succeeding. Bruce wanted to yell , pull some hairs , his own or crane's , didn't matter. He wanted to hurt someone very badly. But something in him, some primal instinct of survival, screamed at him, urging him not to do it. It reeked of suicide. And Bruce had no intention of doing so. Instead he tried another tactic.

"how did you know who I was crane? Did you just assume it ? are you that smart?"

"I am smart, yes, but I never spent my time deciding who suited best for the role of the batman. You were the only choice. I didn't know until you showed up here today, in all your pretentious glory"

"so you weren't in my dreams ? smugly telling me about how you knew about my idenity ? and how you and I aint really different ? and hen you ….." he broke off, embarrassed. He couldn't possibly tell Jon , he had been having dreams about him , seductive ones at that.

"I what ? kissed you ? seduced you ?"

"how….what….why ?" Bruce now grabbed up by his collar and pulled him up , so they were face to face "why were you intruding my dreams ?"

"I think we should keep that for another session. Mean while I suggest you read the interpretations of dreams by Freud." Crane grinned again " it can put some light on the matter" . with that he pressed the buzzer on the table , and two orderlies promptly came in , and took him away. He looked back one last time before saying

"Read it MR. Wayne, I know you will enjoy it"


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